I’m separating – what’s next?

I’m separating – what’s next?

If you are separated or thinking about separating – what’s next? The process can seem daunting and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. I have put together a checklist with all the things you will need to consider for an amicable separation.

This simple list of practical tasks will help you to become an effective co-parent, manage your finances, and complete the right legal steps – leaving you to focus on building a positive future apart.

Decide on parenting arrangements

1. Please discuss where your children will live and how and when they will see both of you – remember to talk about special occasions (Christmas, birthdays and holidays)

2. Talk about how your children’s lives will be financed and who will pay for what (including any school fees)

3. Plan for how and when other family members will see your children (such as grandparents)

4. Discuss the rules for raising them and make sure you are both on the same page

Figure out your finances

1. Decide whether you are keeping or selling the family home and which of you will live in the home and who will live elsewhere

2. Work out how you will be paying for both homes

3. Agree how to divide up your personal property – from the car to the toaster

4. Work out what assets, investments and savings you have and decide how to divide them

5. Work out what debts you have (such as credit cards, bills or overdrafts) and decide how to split them

6. Plan for how to pay for any legal fees relating to your separation
Prepare and file the legal paperwork

7. File your Application for Consent Orders in the Family Court or make a Parenting Plan or Financial Agreement to ensure your agreement is legally binding

8. File your Application for Divorce (if you are married)

9. Review and update your Will, insurance policies and superannuation binding death benefit nominations

Think about who you need to tell

10. Tell all the necessary organisations that your marital status has changed (such as Centrelink, schools or daycare centres)

I hope you find this simple divorce checklist useful.

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Louise Ward

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